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"Unlocking the Secrets of White-Collar Crime: Alan Saquella, CPP, CPE, Esteemed Professor and Security Expert, Offers Invaluable Insights for Media Seeking Expertise in Corporate Investigations, Fraud Prevention, Identity Theft, Corporate Fraud and Espionage and Organized Retail Crime."

Alan Saquella is a distinguished security and investigations expert with an impressive three-decade career spanning both corporate and public sectors. Currently serving as a dedicated full-time professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's College of Business, Security, and Intelligence, Alan brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. His commitment to cultivating the next generation of security, intelligence, and fraud examiners is evident in his passionate teaching and mentorship.

Before his academic role, Alan held a pivotal position as the Security Operations and Investigations Director at Cox Communications, a national telecommunications company. Leading a team of certified fraud examiners, investigators, and security professionals, he spearheaded investigations into internal and external white-collar and corporate crimes against and within the corporation. Over the course of his tenure, Alan and his team successfully investigated tens of thousands of crimes, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned professional in the field.

Alan's influence extends beyond the classroom, marked by his prolific contributions to literature. He has authored numerous papers and articles covering essential topics such as business security, employee safety, and internal fraud prevention. His expertise has garnered attention from prominent media outlets, leading to interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements on various aspects of white-collar crime, investigations, and related subjects.

In September 2023, Alan co-authored the book "Security Investigations: A Professional's Guide," further establishing his authority in the industry. This book stands as a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge and insights with fellow professionals.

Chip Morgan, American Polygraph Association President-elect, Law Enforcement Trainer and Program Manager

 - Polygraph Examiner and Polygraph Instructor - CONUS and OCONUS.
- Conducts in-service training for other senior polygraph examiners in all areas of polygraph science.
- Curriculum developer for law enforcement training applications.
- Collaborated on polygraph studies published in peer-reviewed professional journals.
- Experienced criminal investigator and interrogator in domestic and international settings.
- Law Enforcement instructor, United States, Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
- Author of the text Focused Interviewing 2013, now in 3rd publication.
- Court recognized expert in Polygraph, Investigation and Interview & Interrogation.
- Highly experienced Narcotics Investigator and Drug Enforcement Instructor.
- Experienced government adviser, program manager, mentor and team leader with expertise in HUMINT.
- Has held TS/SCI security clearance by the U.S. Government.
- Instructor on intelligence, security awareness, Rule of Law, Public Corruption and other law enforcement topics CONUS and OCONUS.
- Tactically oriented and proven performer in volatile situations.
- Full Member and Instructor for the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists and the National Polygraph Association.
- Polygraph Instructor in Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing.
- Nationally Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner (AAPP #1646), a certification available only to law enforcement professionals and recognized worldwide.
- Master’s level certification and Instructor certification from Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)

Greg Maloney MPAS, PA-C began a career in law enforcement in 2003 with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy. While at the ACSO, he held various positions on patrol and in the jail such as TASER instructor, Arrest and Control instructor, and Reserve Deputy trainer. After an in-the-line-of-duty career ending injury, Greg attended Idaho State University’s Master of Physician Assistant Studies program and began a new career as a medical practitioner. He worked in Urgent Care for six years before returning to the ACSO in 2022 where he is now a medical provider in the jail. Previously, he has presented as a guest instructor to the Polygraph Institute polygraph school.

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