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Membership is restricted to those associated with the polygraph profession, including law enforcement and private examiners, and representatives of polygraph equipment manufacturers. Members are primarily from the West Coast of the USA and Canada, which includes Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, and Nevada. Non-members can visit most pages on this site, but some pages are limited to members-only. The bylaws of the Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association define the levels of membership. Membership fees are due Jan. 1. Fees paid after that date pertain to the year in which they are paid, unless the fee for that year has been paid already. In that case, the fee will be applied to the next unpaid year.

The following list contains all membership levels as defined by NPEA by-laws. Only three of those levels (full, associate, and affiliate) are available to anyone who is not already a member. If you are already an NPEA member and wish to change your membership level, please use the "Contact" item in the menu above to make your request to the secretary/treasurer or another board member.

  • FULL for those currently active in the polygraph profession. The applicant must have administered at least 150 polygraph examinations within a four-year period following completion of formal instruction at a school accepted by the American Polygraph Association. An examiner who does not yet meet the minimum requirements for FULL membership may apply for ASSOCIATE status. Dues for FULL membership are currently $75 per year.
  • ASSOCIATE members have not yet completed the 150 examinations to qualify for FULL membership but have completed training at a school approved by the American Polygraph Association. Associate membership shall not be extended beyond four years from the date of acceptance to intern membership, except where extenuating circumstances are approved by the Membership Committee.
  • AFFILIATE members include representatives of polygraph instrument manufacturers, personnel involved in the research of polygraph instrumentation and techniques, and any other persons who are approved by the Membership Committee as having a valid or professional interest in the polygraph field. Dues are currently $75 per year.
  • LIFETIME membership is limited to former presidents of the NPEA. There are no dues.
  • RETIRED membership is for any member retiring from active participation in the polygraph field, and who has 15 or more years as a member of the NPEA. Exceptions to the “15 year” membership requirement, such as retirement due to illness, may be awarded by agreement of the members of the Executive Board. There are no dues.
  • HONORARY membership can be awarded only by a majority vote of the Executive Board. It may be bestowed upon any person who, by their continuing interest, assistance or extraordinary service have greatly contributed to the betterment and/or advancement of the polygraph profession. There are no dues.

Applicant information submitted with a membership request will be kept confidential. An applicant who has furnished a functioning email address will receive a response, either accepting the application or declining. Processing a membership application may take 1-2 weeks.

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